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Rented separately, or as the perfect companion to RedAtlas Airport Management System, RedAtlas Flying School Administration will simplify operations at your flying school.

As a bespoke system, which has been created with highly configurable administrative options, RedAtlas FSA will completely transform how you run your flying school. Browser based, with an interactive calendar with effortless navigation, RedAtlas can be customised to each individual flying school. The software includes all the tools needed to manage all booking details, organise student administration and invoice.

As with RedAtlas AMS, our support team will be on-hand, via email or phone, to guide your flying school through the implementation process. Full training can be provided, as well as an easy help guide. 

'The unique environment of flying at Goodwood requires IT solutions for [...] flying school operations management, including: trial lessons, flight experiences and event aircraft slot landing management. All of these items are included in the RedAtlas solution we operate and have been specifically developed, where required, to meet our operational needs.’ Simon Beken — Aviation Sales & Commercial Manager, Goodwood Aerodrome

RedAtlas FSA can be implemented smoothly into any airfield, with our experienced support team on-hand to guide you through the integration process. A demonstration site is provided, allowing for all staff to familiarise with the software prior to launch, as well as a full training programme and simple user guides. The whole implementation process can also be adapted to adhere to social distancing guidelines and remote working. 

To learn more about RedAtlas FSA, including the full range of  features that are available at no extra cost, please visit the  
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