Apprentice one year on

First year of being a degree apprentice at Nevalee Business Solution’s 

I have been a degree apprentice at Nevalee Business Solutions for just over a year now.  In my first year of being an apprentice I have been a part of multiple new projects including designing a website, creating flight strips for airfields and upgrading databases. These new projects all had their own challenges which always kept me interested in my work.

Nevalee is a small business which has given me the opportunity to work across the company and get involved in with a wide variety of group projects outside of my own knowledge. Nevalee recently had a logo and design refresh where everyone in the company myself included could voice their opinions and have them acknowledged which is something I feel I couldn’t do in a larger business.

Despite the team having much more experience and knowledge than I do I found it easy for us to work together across all our projects. While I don’t have the same expertise as the others in my teams  I feel that my fresh perspective has helped in the projects I have been a part of and allowed me to gain valuable first hand knowledge and experience.

Since I am a degree apprentice, I attend university one day a week while working at Nevalee. Working alongside going to university is a challenge. However, gaining valuable experience in a real job while applying the theory from university to real-world projects at work provides unique benefits to both my studying and my work. Which I feel have improved both my work and studying dramatically.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a degree apprentice, it is a unique job and I am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that I will face in the future.  

By George

July 2019