Matt's First Year at Nevalee Business solutions


I have been at Nevalee for over a year now, from the get-go my opinion was valued. I started

with small features on existing applications and creating brand new API’s for important new

systems that numerous customers would use. I was given an amount of autonomy and trust

that made anything I was working on interesting; I was able to suggest ideas and technologies

for what I was working on.


Nevalee is a small business that allows its employees to make changes on a large scale, it’s

not about rank but the value that comes from an idea. Because of this it has allowed me to

suggest changes to the documentation process of our projects, code, and customer processes.

I have also been able to share my thoughts and suggest different methodologies and

technologies. It has made a refreshing change to have my voice heard.


Personally, one of the biggest things I look for when searching for a good job is working

within a good team. Most of my time at Nevalee has been spent in lockdown during a

pandemic and therefore working from home. I live in a studio apartment by myself and

having social contact at the time was limited, the team decided that having daily social

meetings would be beneficial to mental health so we could still have jovial conversion

between other people regularly. I can honestly say that every social meeting I have had here

has been nothing but laughs, interesting activities and quizzes. I can only speak for myself,

but this seriously helped me through lockdown, this is a company that cares about its



Overall, the experience I have had so far at Nevalee has been exciting and challenging. I can

keep progressing working on new projects and owning larger chunks of products while

working within a team of people that make each social meeting worth waiting for each day. I

am looking forward to what I will work on next and what crazy activity we will be doing in

the meetings


By Matt